CHARLOTTE BINGHAM -           Novelist and Playwright
AT THE END of last month my latest book was published. It's a return to the style of my earlier works, the BIG books as I call them - such as TO HEAR A NIGHTINGALE, IN SUNSHONE OR IN SHADOW, GRAND AFFAIR, NANNY, LOVE SONG etc, etc, and it's entitled THE LIGHT ON THE SWAN. Set in Ireland at the end of the 1950s before that  beautiful land had been trampled near to death by the Celtic Dragon, it's a story of plight and flight, changed identities, pursuit and evasion, disappearance and loss, love, and finally redemption. It's available through AMAZON both as a proper paperback and also in Kindle form, depending as to how you like to read your books. I'm going to include a free read so you can have a quick dip into it, and if you like it, I do hope you enjoy the whole of this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Love, Charlotte. xxxxxxxx.
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