CHARLOTTE BINGHAM -           Novelist and Playwright

All my books are still in print - with the exception  of CORONET AMONG THE WEEDS, CORONET AMONG THE GRASS, and LUCINDA.
AND NOW CORONET AMONG THE WEEDS is available as an e-book and selling well again! Yo9u can find it on Amazon and it will also be available on this page as a download viz payment on Paypal. COMING SOON! 

And then we shall be republishing CORONET AMONG THE GRASS and LUCINDA as e-books - soon as we can convert them,.

All my main titles are in hardback, paperback and e-book format and are available through Amazon or Transworld Publishing's web pages. My latest titles, MUMS ON THE RUN  - books ONE AND TWO - are avilable as e-books although the first and original MUMS ON THE RUN is also available in paperback through Amazon. To get a free first chapter read go to, click Kindle store, click books and search MUMS ON THE RUN by Charlotte Bingham. There's also a page on this site that will give you a free read of the first chapter of the new book - as it does of course also on Amazon.

There's also a page giving you the titles of everything I have written so far.

Click on this page in time to get up to date with the latest news from my bookshelf.

                                            Charlotte x


Download book for ONLY £1.50p.

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